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Monday 27 June 2011

No.1 Hides Behind His Anonimity!

Just who is No.1? He's not Patrick McGoohan that's for sure, because Pat stands there holding a crystal ball! But in the Village you would think that someone would know the identity of No.1, perhaps there was, perhaps they were not allowed to say. Not even the 'late' No.2 had met No.1 face to face. But No.1 could hardly remain isolated from everyone in that rocket of his. No.1 would have to eat, drink, wash, shave, use the toilet, okay those last three would have been done in privacy. But at some point No.1 would have to remove that black and white mask. 'D' of A B & C stated that 'It is often the case with really important people, that anonimity is the best disguise.' And if that is the case with No.1, it can also be said of the delegates of the Assembly. But having said that we do know the identity of two such delegates, the Supervisor-No.28 and the former No.93, he with the full beard. But do the delegates themselves know who each of them are? Faceless men. Petty bureaucrats who represent the many different facets of society. Is it really No.1 who pulls the strings of the Village, and if so, who or what pulls the strings of No.1? The delegates of the Assembly perhaps?    Be seeing you.

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