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Saturday 25 June 2011

You're Referring To Jamming!

   Jamming, what's that, domestic science? No of course not, Jamming is playing Jazz on a musical instrument such as a saxophone, isn't that it? Well not as far as some citizens of the Village are concerned it isn't. We first learn about Jamming from an excentric artist No.118. Observers turn a blind surviellance eye when Control picks up the activity of a Jammer, whether it's a non-existant escape plan, or any kind of mischief created to confuse the Observers. The plots they talk about are always make-believe, but of course Control cannot know that until they've checked them out. So now they don't bother anymore, and anything picked up from a known Jammer, they simply let ride.
   So with that thinking, is that what could have happened with the conspiracy to assassinate the retiring No.2? Is No.50 the Watchmaker a known Jammer? If it were not for an interim No.2, an heir presumptive, being in charge of the plan to execute an out-going No.2, but to all intents and purposes had the plan actually been devised by the Watchmaker himself, and not been indoctorinated by No.100, then the Observers would not have believed in the plot and the Watchmaker could have easily actually assassinated the retiring No.2, and so there would have been no need to involve No.6 in the plot at all!   BCNU

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