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Thursday 23 June 2011

Another Number

  I came by this video quite by chance, if an old friend had not made it known to me.......well I might very well have missed watching my own performance in Carmel Morris' music video Another Number, which appears on this video, and was inspired by the Prisoner. And yes, that is me in the bottom right hand picture of the video sleeve.
   The filming for Another Number took place March 2001 in Portmeirion. I started off by being a face in the crowd of villagers. But later appeared as No.2 {the only time I had appeared as No.2} and had dialogue, the words 'Don't worry Number Six. You'll be cured.' Later, in the editing of the video, my lines were dubbed over by Australian actor David Nettheim who played the role of a doctoir in the Prisoner episode The Schizoid Man.
   To watch Carmel Morris' music video inspired by the Prisoner click on the link below.

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