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Saturday 18 June 2011

You Really Believe That They Would Let him Go?

    In Fall Out, would the President and the Delegates of the Assembly have really allowed No.6 to leave the Village, just like that? After all the trouble they had gone to, to bring the Prisoner to the Village in the first place. To make nothing of all the time and effort put into trying to get No.6 to talk, to coerce him into joining them. Just to bring him to the point of Fall Out, to be given the opportunity to meet with No.1. Given the chance to lead them....or go. Go anywhere. Somehow it seems improbable that they would have just sat back and let No.6 leave. After all No.48 and the 'late' No.2 were snug in their Orbit Tubes, and the third tube which stood empty, could have easily been made ready for No.6.
   Do not forget, that No.6 now has knowledge of the Village. It's working, personel, and location. With that knowledge in is head you really believe that. That they'd really let him go? Could they trust No.6 not to talk? Not to go running back to his former colleagues, to start blabbing {talking} about the Village in the way he had twice before? If they believed that, then No.6's, or Sir as he had become known as, fate would most certainly be sealed!
    I long came to the conclusion that the violent fire-fight which we witness in Fall Out, as a violent and bloody revolution. But apart from there being no blood, and seeing as it is only the armed Security Guards who are killed..........well perhaps the Technichians, Medical staff, the President, and Assembly delegates are just lucky. But then anyone caught up in that indiscrimnate fire-fight....... of which there is another way of looking at it, that as being a purge! But the only trouble with that is, again it's only the armed Security Guards who are killed in that purge.
   Perhaps Sir saw this violent revolution/purge, as the only way for both escape, and to bring the Village down. After all he had promised to No.2 during The Chimes of Big Ben, that he was going to escape and come back. Come back, wipe the Village off the face of the earth, obliterate it, and No.2 with it. Perhaps the events in Fall Out were his only possible chance of doing so.
    There is an evacuation of the Village, instigated at the command of the President. It's a hurried evacuation, and I'm not at all sure that everone got away on those helicopters. But in any event, the Village has been purged. Purged of the evil that dwelt within it's boundaries, and freeing the people of its oppression.  BCNU

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