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Thursday 30 June 2011

Village Observation

    Here he is, No.6 pictured with No.9 in the Stone Boat hatching an escape plan between themselves during Arrival. No.9 gives No.6 an Electro Pass which syncronises with the alarm system, and lets No.6 passed the Village Guardian to the helicopter on the lawn.
   Now you will be pleased to observe the broken piping on the lapel of No.6's blazer.

    Now you will observe No.6, having left No.9 and the Stone Boat, as he makes his way to the helicopter. No.6 appears to have changed his piped blazer, between here and the Stone Boat, as the piping of his lapels is no longer broken, but joined!

  No.6 is still making his way to the helicopter on the lawn, having just walked passed the swimming pool, or Lido, and the piping of his blazer is still joined at the lapel.

   And here, as No.6 has used the Electro Pass to get past the Guardian, and about to board the helicopter, the piping of the lapel of his blazer is still joined.

  Yet in those few seconds, as No.6 climbs into the cabin of the helicopter, he has had a change of blazer for the second time! Observe the now broken piping of No.6's blazer on the lapel. I know No.6 would have had at least two piped balzer, one on and one at the dry cleaners, but this is damned ridiculous!

   I'll be seeing you

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