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Saturday 11 June 2011

The Prisoner - All Things To All Men

    'Some men are just as sure of the truth of their opinions as others of what they know.'

    It has been written that there are those who use the Prisoner as a means of shoring up one's personal bias, forcing pieces of the series into bizarre justification for blinkered views, and muddled thinking, which is a tremendous shame. Because all Patrick McGoohan wanted us to do, is to think for ourselves. To question ourselves, and others, together with the status quo.
    Well some of that is just about right, or was in past years. I myself have questioned. Put forward ideas and theories. One thing I hope I have not done, is to have formulated muddled thinking.
    True, I have researched the Prisoner series, and all associated material to a depth never before attained {it took me four and a half years to achieve that} and in that process I have hit on the truth of the matter, as far as I have been able.
    During my years of appreciation for the Prisoner, which is now reaching towards 45 years, I have rebelled. Questioned. Have spoken out against those in power. And I've resigned, not once, but twice. Have walked out, washed my hands of a particular situation. Not that walking away was the better option, but as it happens, for 'peace of mind.'
   I still have strong opinions about the Prisoner, as any reader of my blog articles will know. I still theorise about the series, and from time to time, come up with something new. I also know more about the in's and out's of the series. How things came about. Why things are so in the Prisoner. The adaptations of sayings and phrases which exsisted long before the Prisoner came along. Such as the phrase used in the episode Hammer Into Anvil, 'Music begins where words leave off', which is not correct. In it's adaptation for use in the Prisoner, the actual phrase should be 'When words leave off music begins' which is a quote on music by Christian Johann Heine, a poet born on December 13th 1797 of German nationality. Which is just one example, that not everything in the Prisoner is as it seems, it's sometimes been messed about with!
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