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Thursday 30 June 2011

Questions Are A Burden Answers A Prison For Oneself!

    No.2 of Arrival was something of a gentleman, and had the task of debriefing the Prisoner, as well as giving him an aerial tour of the Village. Then it was a demonstration of the Village Guardian, and onto the Labour Exchange, where the Prisoner was asked to fill in a questionaire about himself, to which the Prisoner took extreme offence! But this No.2 didn't appear to last long, because he is soon replaced by a new No.2. Yet this new No.2, who is more threatening than his predecessor, not so much the gentleman, and tells No.6 that if he doesn't give him what he wants, he'll take it! Mind you, this new No.2 didn't appear to last too long either. No sooner was he there, overseeing a demontration that escape from the Village is not possible, than he's gone - replaced by a new No.2! So why was the first No.2 replaced? Perhaps it was simply that he had come to the end of his term of office. But then why was the new No.2's term so short? Or is it that his term of office took place between the end of Arrival and The Chimes of Big Ben, and is something which we, the viewer are not privy to!

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