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Saturday 25 June 2011

Increase Vigilance Call From No.2

    In Hammer Into Anvil, No.2 is presented as being paranoid, seeing none existant enemies of the community, and conspiracies in the Village. Indeed he expresses his concerns in a newspaper article in The Tally Ho, which ends with a warning to the citizens "Be vigilant or the consequences will be severe. No other warning will be given."
    In the end, No.2 turned out  to be a poor man, a weak link in the chain of command just waiting to be broken. Yet in some ways, No.2 can be likened to Uncle Joe {Joeseph Stalin} leader of the former Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Stalin, like No.2, saw enemies of the State, and conspiracies against him everywhere. And so he carried out many purges, ordering the excecutions/murders of hundreds, thousands of people, or sending many thousands of Soviet citizens to camps {Gulags} in Siberia. No.2 of Hammer Into Anvil may not have carried out a purge of the Village, the threat of any purge of the Village, to carry out mass reprisals against the malcontents in the Village, would not happen until the next episode It's Your Funeral, for the supposed assassination of a retiring No.2. I wonder if No.6 was to have been among the many in that purge? After all, No.2 did tell No.6 that he was top of the list of malcontents! But I should think No.6 would be safe, after all No.6 is seen to ahve a future with 'them.'  I'll be seeing you

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