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Friday 17 June 2011

Thought For The Day

    It has been said that the idea behind having a number of different No.2's, instead of one single No.2, is so that it would not be possible for No.6 to strike up a relationship with No.2. But No.6 does strike up, if not   relationships with No.2, then rapports, certainly with No.2-Leo McKern, and Colin Gordon-No.2.
   It is one train of thought, that each No.2 whom No.6 encounters, is a different side of No.2's personna. Ah, but what about No.2, Mrs Butterworth of Many Happy Returns? I hear you ask. Well even No.2 must have his feminine side. Although there is little femininity about the almost elfin No.2 of Dance of the Dead. Her sexuality is rather questionable old chap!!!  BCNU

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