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Monday 30 July 2012

Caught On Camera

   Number 118, the artist who paints Number 6's portrait in 'It's Your Funeral' is decribed as being an eccentric, seeing as how Number 6's portrait turns out to be an abstract of the subject. Number 6 himself could be described as having eccentric tendencies, by the way he daily climbs the Bell Tower. The Admiral and his chum are certainly displaying eccentic tendencies by playing with their plastic boats, or is that second childishness? But caught on camera here, are two certain eccentrics, that have a dinghy in the 'Free Sea' of the pool and fountain. I mean the water in the pool is what, three inches deep? Where do they think they are, Henley boating regatta? Or is this part of some cunning plan? Perhaps they are quietly carrying out a practise session for an escape plan, and simply giving the appearence of two eccentrics. What I want to know is, where did they get that dinghy from?

I'll be seeing you


  1. Hello David,
    nice mind game :).

    Maybe they just showed faith in the sign or in the name of that place? Therefore of course they can be trusted.

    In any case, they will not drown, or escape, as long as they play so safe.

    Be seeing you!

    1. Hello Jana,

      Oh that's very good, your thinking in your comment brought a smile to my lips, and there is humour to be found in it.