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Thursday 12 July 2012

Postcard From The Village

"The Village, where is this Village?" Well Colonel if you don't know now you never will, I've been here dozens and dozens of times. I know this place better than I know my own home, which is a bit of a sad statement to make, but there it is. I would escape here when life was getting unbearable. So much so that I never wanted to leave, and when I did I always looked forward to getting back here, it was just like coming home!. A week in the Village is never long enough, and a fortnight, well the first week is pretty long, but come the second week, well that goes far too quickly.
I think I'll put my piped blazer on, and go for a stroll through the Village, just to let people know that Number 6 is in residence, and call in at the Prisoner shop along the way.
Be seeing you

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