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Tuesday 17 July 2012

The Therapy Zone

Karel - Nadia’s Contact Man
   It seems all very plausible, that Nadia should have seen a secret government file on the village, if even only for a few seconds. But in those few seconds she saw the location of the village, on the coast of Lithuania, on the Baltic, and 30 miles from the Polish border, and there is a small fishing village whose people resist those of the village. As for Nadia, she has a contact man
    Well okay, so far so good. Nadia's contact man's name is Karel, and he's waiting for Nadia in a cave somewhere along the Polish coast. He has a high powered rifle, and a large wooden crate. Now remember Nadia has been abducted to the village, so how was it possible for Nadia to contact Karel, to tell him that she was escaping the village with a man - No.6, and would be with him soon? Are we, the viewer, expected to believe that Karel had been living in that cave simply on the off-chance that one day Nadia would turn up one day?!!
   And that large wooden crate in which Nadia and No.6 was sealed up in for the journey to London, via Danzig and Copenhagen {or as writer Dave Rogers in his book 'The Prisoner & Danger Man' has it Gadansk, then Danzig, by air to Copenhagen, and by air again to London, as robert Fairclough does in 'The Prisoner' De Agostini Part Work has it. meaning that the crate travels from Gadansk to Danzig which are the Polish and German names for the same city!}. And are we really expected to take it that one man alone was able to shift that crate alone. Ah, but perhaps Karel had assistance from the people of the fishing village Nadia mentioned - Braniewo! Well certainly people from a village. Because Karel as we learn is actually Post 5, contacted by the Supervisor-No.28 in the Control Room. That's how Karel knew that Nadia was on her way to him, not via any contact from Nadia herself!
   Oh the holes in the plots we create - if only No.6 had thought about it first. He might have saved himself the trouble, or at least have tried to get away on his own.

A Timely Mistake!
  If only during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ that watch Number 6 had been given had the correct time for Poland. Number 6 may very well have actually told the Colonel the reason behind his resignation. And if he had, the series would have taken a very different turn.

    In ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ we see Fotheringay informed by telephone of Number 6's return, at which he shows great excitement, exclaiming that "I can't wait to see him." Yet by the end of the episode it is quite clear that Fotheringay knew of the whole incident all the time, and took an active part in the deception, in deceiving an old friend and colleague in fact. So why the deception of false excitement and that exclamation "I can't wait to see him?" Well quite obviously that was merely meant for you and me, and all the other viewers of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ and in regard Number 6 was not the only one to have been deceived!

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