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Friday 27 July 2012

The Therapy Zone

I Am Number Six

    Strange is it not, that in the village No.6 fought for such a time as to maintain both his identity and individuality. Refusing to observe, wear, or respond to his number!

                          "I am not a number - I am a free man."

    Well that might be all fine and dandy for Number 6, and I suppose there are many who would admire such a stance on identity and individualism. But when push comes to shove, there was a time when even Number 6 positively fought to maintain his identify as Number 6, in his determination to prove that he is Number 6!
    Having been stripped of his identity of the outside world and being turned into nothing more than a number. The Prisoner became afraid of losing his identity of No.6 to another, and fights to maintain even this identity to prove who is.
   But they know who he is. We know who he is. Only Number6 has doubts about who he is!

Tell me now - who am I?

 The Schizoid Man

    While watching the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man’ one evening, I spotted a slight flaw in the plot of the episode. Number 24-Alison, after her mind reading act in Number 2's office, produces a photograph she claims to have taken only the night before, and claiming that there is a much easier way to identify Number 6. "Isn't it awful, I took it last night, he's all arms and legs. He has a mole on his left wrist."
    Well there lies the flaw in the plot. Because Number 6, to whom Alison-Number 24 is alluding, is wearing a cream blazer with black piping. And the man in the photograph is wearing a dark blazer with off white piping! Of course the production crew and cast have not taken into account this change of coloured blazer in the scene, and still remain faithful to that of the original script which called for a dark blazer.
   One other observation. McGoohan, who has undergone conditioning to make him left handed, has not taken this lefthandedness into account. He still wears his stainless steel wrist watch on his left wrist, when of course, being left handed, should have been worn on his right wrist!

Tell me now - who am I?

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