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Wednesday 25 July 2012

The Therapy Zone

Number 6 - A Man Of Many Parts

    Number Six is certainly a man of many parts. Able to take care of himself, he gives as good as he gets in any one-to-one fist fight, and invariably gives better.
   He's a sportsman, at shooting with an average of 90%, and fencing "These foils have all a length." Excels at "Kosho," some oriental sport originated by Patrick McGoohan. He water skis, builds his own private gymnasium somewhere in the woods. "Modern art," No.6 explains "Is basically primitive, I've made my own tools." Stone axe and chisel, with a wooden rolling pin as a mallet! Make a Triquetrum. Home made compass, and is a survivor!
   He can chop down a tree, and carve the hull of a boat out of it. Explain an abstract work of art, which doesn't mean anything at all. Or perhaps the barrier is down, depending on how you look at it. But then why the cross piece? Well that's a spar for the sail of the boat! Then at another time, chopping down small trees, lashing them together with empty oil drums in order to make a sea going raft. All this, without a sign of calluses on his hands after so much manual work! Spending 25 days at sea, with only 4 hours sleep out of each twenty four "Remarkable!"
   No.6 is good at navigation too, navigating along the coast in the Baltic. Sailing across the most violent sea in the world..... the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic, as he would have sailed through possibly 60 foot waves at times {not the fictionally calm waters we see in the episode of 'Many Happy Retuns!
   Hypnotism is another of the Prisoners facets, in the way he hypnotised No.86 in 'A Change of Mind.' And at some point a short time before the episode of 'The Schizoid Man,' No.6 found someone he is simpatico with, Alison-No.24.
He's educated.
Knowledgeble in classical literature
A highly ranked chess player, he has to be able to win in seven moves!
   He has superhuman will power. He's not at all conventional, sometimes I think he's not human, as he has a negative recation to pain, that would take superhuman will power!!

The Ambiguity Of It All

    Alison-No.24 of ‘The Schizoid Man’ is as ambiguous as the Prisoner itself can be at times. Why exactly she was brought to the village in the first place is where her particular ambiguity lies. It could be that her abduction to the village was due to her ability to read minds. After all No.58 of Free For All was brought to the village because of her wonderful photographic memory, well that's what No.2 told No.6 over breakfast that time.
   And why not indeed? Because the villages administration makes the best use they can of any technology which becomes available to them. Technology or peoples capabilities, sees their eventual abduction to the village. Unless they arrive of their own free will. But then perhaps Alison-No.24 was born to the village, and her "gift" developed there in a section of the hospital.

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