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Monday 16 July 2012

A Favourite Moment In The Prisoner

   It is but a brief moment in the episode of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ when Number 2 is about to emerge from his office. Number 14, seen here in the photograph, is lounging in a winged leather armchair. The moment Number 14 hears the pair of steel doors of Number 2's office open, he jumps up out of the said armchair, and stands to attention, giving Number 2 the impression that he's been standing there, at attention, all the time. When in reality he's been lounging about! {Is Number 2 really that stupid? Paranoid, but not stupid I think}. Such are the impressions given by those who would wish to climb the ladder of promotion, possibly to that of Number 2, always alert and standing by, showing keeness to help and be of assistance.

I'll be seeing you...... possibly from the next rung of the ladder!

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