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Saturday 14 July 2012

Thought For The Day

Colin Gordon - The General
   I suppose Colin Gordon really has no right to be playing the ruthless, yet frightened Number 2 in a series like ‘the Prisoner’ where the character of No.2 changes with each episode.
   "I've never been so flattered" was Colin Gordon's comment "Especially as this is the first time I've played a part quite like this."
   Although screened after ‘A B & C,’ ‘The General’ in which Colin Gordon plays Number 2, was in fact filmed before ‘A B & C,’ so that he makes his return appearance five weeks before his debut!
   The story-line of ‘The General’ was altered so as to allow for this, although the provision was not needed as the episodes were screened in the reverse order to their filming. Number 2 in ‘The General’ was originally to have met his death at the end of the episode, a victim of The General's short circuiting, and explosive self-destruction. But Colin Gordon's performance as Number 2 was admired so much, that he was reprieved, simply to pave the way for his appearance in the later episode of ‘A B & C.’

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