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Sunday 15 July 2012

Caught On Camera

    During the bout of Kosho taking place in the gymnasium of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ Number 100 goes to locker Number 6, and exchanges Number 6's wrist watch for a similarly identical one, seen in the first picture.
    You will observe in the picture a metal object to the left of Number 6's wrist watch, and a white crumpled handkerchief to the right.
    In the following picture, as Number 100 swaps Number 6's wrist watch for an identical one, the metal object to the left of the wrist watch had gone! And at the back is a dark blue Turtle-neck jersey, and white handkerchief. Yet having exchanged the two wrist watches, the metal item is back!
    Here in the third and final picture, No.6 is about to retrieve his personal possessions from the top of his locker. As you can see the metal object is back, and turns out to be a Ronson cigarette lighter. However the dark blue Turtle-neck jersey is gone!
    If you watch the sequence of this little scene you will observe that No.6 is fully dressed when retrieving his personal possessions from the locker. So when getting dressed No.6 took his dark blue Turtle-neck jersey out of the locker - without disturbing either his wrist watch, cigarette lighter, or crumpled handkerchief!
Its is quite obvious that parts of this "locker room" scene were filmed in different sequences, or perhaps McGoohan wanted a cigarette between takes, hence the missing cigarette lighter. So where was Doris Martin, responsible for "continuity." at the time during the filming if 'It's Your Funeral?'
    Number 6 only used a cigarette lighter once, and that was in 'The Schizoid Man.'
I'll be seeing you - or perhaps I won't - depending on the scene in question!

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