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Friday 20 July 2012

The Therapy Zone

A Pertinent Question
Sir "Did you ever meet Number 1?"
Number 2 "Face to face?"
Sir "yes."
Number 2 "Meet HIM....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Yes, well I just wonder what might have happened if Number 2 had met Number 1. I mean someone must have met Number 1 at some point, unless he was a recluse, a hermit, or wore that black and white mask all the time!

Recalcitrant Agents
   Are not all like the Prisoner-Number Six. So what happens to those agents who are not abducted to the village?
   Take David Callan for an example. He worked for the British Secret Service, or more correctly the S.I.S, a department responsible for getting rid of certain people, by any means available. In the case of David Callan, he killed for the department. But the trouble with Callan was, he had an over developed conscience. He wanted to know about the people he was ordered to kill, what they had done etc. A man like that is no use to S.I.S, so he was no longer required. Oh the head of S.I.S, Charlie Hunter helped Callan get a job. Working in a dead-end job as a clerk for £20. 47p per week., that's what happens to recalcitrant agents who are not abducted to the village.

It’s Your Funeral
   You will no doubt recall to mind, that "prognosis report" on Number 6, during at which time between eleven-forty and eleven-fifty No.6 arrives at the Gymnasium for his "semi-weekly Kosho practice." Well originally in the script had it that No.6 arrives at the Gymnasium for his "semi-weekly judo practice."
   For some unaccountable reason Patrick McGoohan had this scene altered, long after the ink had dried on the page of the script, and is credited with coming up with the idea for "Kosho."

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