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Sunday 15 July 2012

Thought For The Day

    If it is correct, that Number 1 turned out to be the alter ego of Number 6, they must surely have shared the same mind, the same thoughts. That being the case it is no wonder then, that "they" knew exactly how Number 6 would behave in any given situation, Number 1 would be able to tell them. More that that,  what would work against Number 6 and what would not. Perhaps they both desired to escape, to be a "free man!"



  1. There's this scene in Once Upon a Time when Number Two phones his superior and you see The Prisoner at the large screen. I really love that scene, because it seems as if The Prisoner answers the phone.

    1. Hello NoNo,

      Seeing as Number 6 is the alter ego of Number 1 {according to McGoohan} that would be correct.
      But perhaps Number 1 is worse off than Number 6, seeing as both are the same person, Number 1 could never show his face, hence Number 1 hides behind a mask of anonimity.


    2. Hello David,

      "Number 1 hides behind a mask of anonimity."

      This sentence makes me think.. I've never linked it this way, that a part of Number Six is hiding and anonymity is a kind of mask. Very interesting point of view. So perhaps one might say that Number One is (partly) a part of Number Six (an orselves) representing anonymity? And therefore "The Poeple" or "Morality", "Discourse", "Rules", "Suppression", "Force" and so on..?

      Kind regards, NoNo

    3. Hello NoNo,

      Number 1 is not the only one to to hide behind the mask of anonimity? Did not 'C' say in 'A B and C' tell the Prisoner that "Anonimity is the best disguise," and was he not wearing a mask at the time?

      Your comment is thought provoking, and takes the discussion another step. "The People-The Village" creating morality, discourse, rules, suppresssion, and force. Yet when it comes to "The Rules," rules to which Number 6 sees himself as not being subject to in 'Dance of the Dead.'

      Be seeing you

    4. Hello David,

      that's true, you are right. Number One is not the only one hiding behind anonimity.. There is C, and reading your comment I recognized that there are several others that in one way or another remain anonymous, too. There's the masked "Jury" in Fall Out, for example, and the Butler, and last but not least Number Six himself, I guess. Not using a mask, of course.

      Regarding the rules he is not subject to.. Nevertheless breaking the rules makes him subject to a trial in Dance Of the Death. We know the sentence ;). And it makes him an Unmutual in A Change Of Mind, too. He might not feel subject to the rules, but he also does not feel like beeing a number, or Number On, or does he?

      Be seeing you!

      Kind regards,