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Thursday 26 July 2012

Thought For The Day

   What a lot of palavar 'the Prisoner' is! I mean take 'Free For All' for example. Why go to all the trouble of staging an election, just so Number 6 can run for public office, the position of Number 2, when they knew all along that they had no intention of allowing Number 6 to remain as the new Number 2. What's more there is the instruction that the tissue must not be damaged, in other words there was only so far they could take Number 6 without damaging him mentally. And for what? What exactly had been achieved by 'Free For All?' What had Number 2, or even the newer Number 2 learned by their actions in this episode? Nothing that's what. And as for the tissue, well it got a little bruised by the end, but basically remained intact!
   Perhaps Number 6 was right when he said "Why don't you put us all in solitary confinement and get what you are after and be done with it?" That way they might have saved themselves an awful lot of time, effort, and trouble. rather than think up complicated and eleborate excercises such as 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' 'Free For All,' and 'The Schizoid Man,' and 'Once Upon A Time.'


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