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Monday 23 July 2012

Pictorial Prisoner

   This is the moment in 'A B and C' when the Prisoner opens his eyes and seeing the Doctor-Number 14, projects her image onto the wall screen. At this important moment in the experiment, Number 2 is busy going through the box file of 'A' so he does not see this. Nor does Number 14 report the incident to Number 2, she simply closes the Prisoner's eyes and forgets what's happened.
   It is questionable whether or not the situation would have changed the outcome of the experiment, had Number 14 told Number 2 what had happened. But at least he could have done something about it at the time.
   It was at this moment, that Number 14 threw Number 6 a life line. It wasn't the fact that Number 14's drug failed, but the fact that Number 6 succeeded, a fact which Number 14 seemed to be pleasd about. And there might be an underlying reason for that, in seeing Number 2 fail. After all Number 2 kept pushing Number 14, and threatened that if she didn't get it right, he'd see that Number 14's new wonder drug would be tested on her!

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