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Sunday 15 July 2012

The Therapy Zone

Once Upon A Time
    During that ordeal in the Embryo Room something quite remarkable happened. Because not only must the patient, in cases of psychoanalysis, but as No.6 put it, "Sometimes they change places." And as No.2 concurred "It is essential in extreme cases." But that is not the remarkable bit, what is remarkable is the fact that whilst acting out their roles in the Embryo Room, the characters of both Patrick McGoohan and Leo McKern actually took over from the actors, so much so that they were no longer acting. It was for real! I'm informed that it was quite remarkable to see by the members of the film unit at the time, in fact those filming ‘Once Upon A Time’ suggested to others working on the series at the time, that they come and see what was happening between Patrick McGoohan and Leo McKern.
    So intense was the acting, which incidentally took place over 9 days, that during that time filming had to be suspended as Leo McKern suffered a nervous breakdown, and filming on ‘Once Upon A Time’ was not continued until Leo was well enough to continue. It's no wonder Leo McKern didn't want to come back to the production of the Prisoner for ‘Fall Out!'

Chimes Out Of Tune

    It was once noted that having arrived in the Colonels office, the crate is opened, and No.6 and Nadia appear to be on opposite sides of the crate to which they were originally got in. Well obviously the crate was opened from the opposite side!
   More than that is the red lorry which was supposed to be carrying the crate with No.6 and Nadia sealed inside. Well the red lorry has no crate! You'd think if someone was going to film a lorry on the road, they'd actually put some sort of crate in it, wouldn't you, if only for reasons of continuity. After all they filmed the crate being put on a ship, and later aboard an aircraft!
   And why oh why didn't No.6 pick up on the fact that Big Ben chimes twice in the space of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

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