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Monday 30 July 2012

Thought For The Day

    It could seem strange to the television viewer, that Number 6 once seen to have a future in the Village in 'Dance of the Dead,' yet by the time of 'A Change of Mind' the Village Administration deemed it necessary to put Number 6 through the ordeal of 'Instant Social Conversion,' in effect the dislocation of the agressive frontal lobes, a luecotomy in fact. But of course Number 6 didn't know he had a future with them, but Number 6 didn't know that, did he? In any case the threat of 'Instant Socail Conversion' was not carried out. And that future Number 2 spoke of in 'Dnace of the Dead,' did Number 1 tell her that, and was that future the future shown to the former Number 6 in the crystal ball during 'Fall Out, a future, he rejects by letting it slip through his fingers to shatter on the floor, that of a Prisoner?


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