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Monday 23 July 2012

Thought For The Day

    Does there come a time when one stops looking for meanings within 'the Prisoner,' that one stops seeking answers to those numerous questions that still demand an answer, even after 45 years? It might be that one has stopped listening to what others have to say about 'the Prisoner,' because one has come to an understanding of 'the Prisoner' that suits you. And now view the series as pure escapism, or even as an action adventure series.
   Whatever the situation, however much we have come to undertsand 'the Prisoner,' we still require information, information, information! I recall how I would listen intently to what a special guest at a 'Prisoner' Convention, a script writer, production crew member perhaps, or an actor or actress, had to say about their experiences working on 'the Prisoner.' But I don't do that any more, well I no longer go to 'Prisoner' Conventions which is probably the reason, and even when I did I was always a bit choosey about which guest I went and listened to. And besides, I was always busy working on re-enactments to go and listen to a special guest every time.
   So do I understand what 'the Prisoner' is all about? Well of course, don't you? Our ideas may differ, yet we understand 'the Prisoner' to the point that suits us as an individual. And guess what, we still look to see if there is something we've missed, don't we?

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