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Sunday 15 September 2013

Caught On Camera

A right pair of gunslingers lean up against the bar in the Silver Dollar Saloon, as director David Tomblin directs on how to draw their guns.
   David Tomblin "Did you hear the one about the Kid and Marshal Wyatt Earp?"
Pat "No, but we'll buy it won't we Frank?"
Frank Maher "Yeah, go on and make me laugh!"
   "Well Wyatt Earp was the Marshal in Tombstone, he walked into the Saloon and said to the Kid "Go for your guns." The Kid, who was leaning up at the bar, yes just as you are now, started to walk towards the door. "Where ya going Kid?" Wyatt Earp asked. "I'm going for me' guns Marshal. I've left them at home!"

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