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Sunday 15 September 2013

Thought For The Day

  There is an episode of ‘Rumpole of The Bailey.’ Rumpole has a murder case on his hands, Tosher McBride {a rent collectopr} had been stabbed to death, but not by Peter Delgardo. Peter Delgardo was in the hospital wing of a prison whilst on remand, awaiting the day of his trial. He had two choices, Peter Delgardo could speak the truth so that Rumpole could defend him. Or he could say nothing, plead guilty, but due to his mental state meant that Peter Delgardo would do time on the psychiatric wing of the prison hospital. Give him some nice basket weaving to keep him occupied during the day. And at night a handful of pills to keep him quiet!
   Reads very much like the Village doesn't it? Being kept busy during the day, doing arts and crafts. There's Madam Professor's arts seminars, human chess matches, gardening to be done, painting, an education program involving both the General and 'Speedlearn', and not to mention the Village Festival! Everything given to keep the good citizens of the village occupied during the day. Then in the late evening a personal maid comes along to make you your night cap of hot chocolate. Drugged of course, to make you sleep, to keep you quiet at night. And if you don't drink your night cap, as No.6 didn't in ‘A B and C,’ pouring it down the sink as he did, and having a glass of water instead. Well the tap water is drugged as well - just in case!

Oh happy days!

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