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Thursday 12 September 2013

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   Seeing as how the Prisoner is nothing more than a vicious circle, I wonder if I will remember anything from the first time, the second, third and even fourth times around? Possibly making the same mistakes along the way, and not making the most of the knowledge that I've learned, if indeed I've learned anything at all.
   Escape would be good, I mean take Checkmate for example. If only I could remember what was about to happen, what went wrong the time before, who betrayed me, if I was betrayed. And why the escape failed, and then armed with such information, I would be able to correct that which went wrong. You can see that can't you, understand where I'm coming from?
    "Yes of course I can No.6" said the doctor rising out of his chair "Now you just go home and try to relax my dear fellow."
   "But doctor, you don't understand. I've been here before......"
   "What in my office?"
   "No, here in the Willage!"
   "Oh, I see."
   "Do you doctor, do you? I knew you would. It's a vicious circle you see doctor, a damned vicious circle and there's no escape!"
    "Of course it is. Now go home and rest, go home and rest. And I'll see you again tomorrow."
    The doctor of Psychiatrics returned to his office and picked up a blue "L" shaped telephone "Get me No.2.........."


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