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Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Therapy Zone

Different Values
   In his paper Different Values of 1974, Chris Tame asks "Has number 6 succumbed to his own form of temptation, to the simple desire to escape and for the illusion of freedom evoked by speeding in his sports car?
   Well the only sign of Number 6's freedom is demonstrated when he is sat behind the wheel of his Lotus 7. Happy to be behind the wheel of his kar in two episodes, Many Happy Returns, and yes even ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ Because even though it is the figure of the Colonel we see behind the wheel of the Lotus 7, we must not forget it is the mind of No.6 who will actually be enjoying the driving experience, and not that of the Colonel!

A Matter Of Opinion
   It was one comment made in 1976; "That there is always the possibility that the entire series means nothing at all and that it caused a great stir and lots of explanations, while all along it was merely nonsense."
   Well I certainly hope not, otherwise I've just been wasting my time, and possibly making it all up as I go along! And if that's been the case, well there's still the tremendous entertainment value of ‘the Prisoner.’

   If the Prisoner-No.6 was not a secret agent - what then might he have been to have seen his abduction to the village - a politician maybe..... tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, beggar man, thief - spy!

The Prisoner has Been Likened to that of a proverbial onion. This in respect that once you peel off one layer, there is another layer beneath, and another beneath that and so on and so forth. And to get to the core of the matter, layer after layer has to be peeled away to arrive at any kind of understanding.

They Have Everything On Record
    The Village administrators have never been backwards in coming forward in grasping new ways and means. Even files have plastic pockets in which photographs and information are held on any subject and any citizen of the village - the Prisoner-No.6 for example

   "The time of my birth is missing."
   "Well there you are. Now lets bring it all up to date."
   "4:31am 19th of March 1928."

   Whilst there are others within the administrative community who much prefer to keep to the old ways, when it comes to the matter of administrative details. Such as the Manager of the Labour Exchange, seen here in his office during No.6's Truth Test of Free For All.

   "Of course I knew it anyway."
   "What's that?"
   "From your records. We have everything. Gave Up Sugar four years and three months ago"

   Unlike No.2, the Manager of the Labour Exchange keeps information written down in a ledger, not typed, but everything hand written. As No.20, seen here, much prefers to keep to the old way of things.

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