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Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Girl Who Was Death

Is She The Ultimate Femme Fatale?
     Certainly this girl who was death was magnificently equipped to deal with any adversary. She was an alluring woman who caused men distress, none more so that the Colonel and Mr. X. And as for Potter, contact man for both the Colonel and Mr X at the cricket match, he soon had his binoculars trained on the sexy minx!
   "Deadlier than the male" are words that spring to mind, feminine but deadly. Armed with not only her felinity, but a Maxim machine gun, German hand grenades, and mortar launcher! And the traps this girl set are nobodies business. In the Butchers there was the Bren machine gun, the Bakers was a mine field, once you managed to survive the electrified steel spikes below the trapdoor! And the Candlestick makers was probably the worst of the three. Steel double glazing to keep out the draughts, but at the same time keeping out the air too. And as for the candles
themselves, well they not only give off cyanide gas, but also explode if blown out! A sound trap in anyone’s idea of sound traps, but in the exploding candles lies the girls failing. Because Mr. X uses this to blow out the door to the candle makers, and thereby ensuring his survival. Yet once outside there is a machine gun to face, hand grenades, and a mortar launcher, any one of which could seal his fate.
   A particularly nasty piece of work, this girl who was death, this femme fatale. She said she had just realised something, that she didn't want to kill him any more, which just goes to show that this girls word cannot be taken at trust.
   He clothes are white, representing virginity, and probably she still is a virgin, not having yet found a man to come up to her very high standards. If, and I do say if, Mr. X had actually fallen for this girls charms, then each day he woke, he would have to keep his wits about him. She saw them as having a wonderful time together. that he would be a constant challenge to her. Yes, every day a new way of dying, and another day to survive! I don't think that even Mr. X would be up for that challenge!
  She is her fathers daughter, he mother having died in her last cavalry charge. When exactly was that, during the first World War, or the war before that I wonder? And it was her father who taught his daughter to kill, and in return she has looked after her father, never marrying, what man would live long enough to stand with her at the altar? Beautiful, yes, feminine certainly and very, very deadly, in a way she puts me in mind of a female praying mantis she devours her mate!

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