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Friday 20 September 2013

Debriefing The Subject With No.2

    "Why did you slash your wrists 73? Aren't you happy here?" No.72 shakes here head. "You're not being very co-operative my dear." "There's nothing I can tell you."
    "Come now, No.2 continues, you must know where your husband is." "He's still over there" No.73 tells him. "Where?" "Oh somewhere there. He had some work to finish." "Was he devoted to you?" No.2 asks. "He is devoted to me."
    "Oh, so you don't mind about him and the woman Marya?" "That's a lie!" 73 exclaims. "Stop protecting your husbands memory 73. He went to her hotel several times.... then there was the villa, of course." No.73 clenches her teeth, her eyes welling forth tears. No.2 unzipped his leather document case and takes out a black and white photograph, "let me show you just how loyal your husband is to you..... they look quite at home together" showing the picture to 73. "Would you like to know the date, place.... look."
  At this point No.73 leaps out of bed and out of the hospital window!
   Pity. Pity that they might never find 73's husband. I suppose they'll have to bring the woman Marya to the village instead of the husband! Mind you, if they have the time and date when that photograph was taken, and seeing as 73's husband went to the woman Marya's hotel several times. So surely it would make sense that the next time he goes there all they have to do is lie in wait for him. Then an undertaker can nerve gas him through the keyhole of the hotel room door!

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