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Saturday 28 September 2013

The Therapy Zone

A B &........And Engadine Makes C!
    It was during 'C' of A B & C that the Prisoner was handed a key by the roulette croupier in exchange for his bet of a diamond ring. It so happened that Engadine also had an identical key!
    "It can't be" No.2 gasped in astonishment. "She can't be 'C." "She's fooled us for years, but no longer!"
   "You're binging her to the Village?" the doctor-No.14 asks.
   "Yes" No.2 replies eagerly.
   However in No.6's dream even Engadine works for someone else, a man of mystery who will know him, and who likes impressive offices! The doctor commented that No.2 will have to call him 'D'. However as it turned out, this man of mystery is no other than No.2 himself.......'C'!
   But this is only No.6 manipulating his own dream, and so if No.2 isn't 'C',  who is? Well the answer to that one is blatantly obvious and can be deduced from the description read out by No.2...... Known to be French. Known to have attended Engadine's parties, probably disguised. Well Madam Engadine is French, she attended her own parties, not too sure about the probably disguised bit though. Unless of course it is Engadines celebrity status together with her celebrated parties that is the disguise!

    I wonder why No.6 did not try to escape the confines of the village by swimming to the far side of the estuary? He could have gained possession of an air tank worn by divers, well there were several sightings of "frogmen" in wet suits about the Village during the parade of ‘Dance of the Dead,’ and during the evacuation of the Village at the time of ‘Fall Out’ are but two occasions. And why not? The Village Administration permits water sports, water skiing and so forth, so why not underwater diving?
   Then having gained an air tank, No.6 could have swum to the far side of the estuary under water, un-observed and free from attack from the village guardian. After all we only see Rover attack or peruse Villagers on land or on the surface of the sea, not beneath the waves!

The Allegorical Rocket
   One observation made about that rocket in ‘Fall Out,’ is that it might not have been a "doomsday device,” capable of destroying the earth all on it's own. But certainly it could have started World War III, with No.6 being the instigator.
   Such a launching of a rocket would have been picked up by listening stations on both sides of the Iron Curtain, possibly with both sides disclaiming knowledge. And seeing as there was a Cold War on at the time, there was a great deal of mistrust, and it would have been but a moment to order the launching of Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles...... and Armageddon would reign supreme. Unless of course it is an allegorical rocket, then it wouldn't hurt anyone!

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