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Sunday 15 September 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Observer Report
    This is part of the message, which has either been etched, or as a sticker, stuck to the bottom of mister X’s beer glass during the episode of ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’
    As you will observe, it is the correct Albertus font, but without the addition of the Greek open , which is used during the titles of The Prisoner. But not only the 'e', but also the 'j' and the 'i' of the Albertus font were also changed for use in the Prisoner.

Of Anyone's Character!
    As once again we see how No.2 underestimates No.6, his ability to "separate fact from fantasy so quickly." He became involved you see, well who wouldn't under such strenuous circumstances, and behave how you would in a real situation. But No.2's lack of self control let him down, just as it was with both No's.8 and 22. More so with No.8 as it happens, because the Kid was a psychotic killer, a cold blooded murderer, who acted as he would in a real situation!
   Sure enough, the Judge/No.2 was a bad judge all round, it would seem!

    "I risked my life and hers to come back here, home, because I thought it was different! It is, isn't it? It's DIFFERENT!
     No Number.6, I'm afraid it's just the same, except it’s the Colonel asking the questions and not No.2!

    If the episode Once Upon A Time is the ultimate test, which No.6 passed by the way. I wonder just how many citizens had previously made it to the point of that ultimate test, and survived it? I don't think No.2-Leo McKern did, because he resisted for so short a time. But then there's No.48. He turned up in Fall Out as Sir had done, wearing his own clothes, and that suggests that there is more than one kind of ultimate test. So I wonder what "ultimate test" No.48 was put through so as to be able to appear at his final trial? Yet it would seem that No.48 wasn't up to that final trial, not as Sir was at that time.

    The other day I was sorting through a box containing my collection of Prisoner badges, and at the bottom of the box was something which I had completely forgotten about.... my collection of Prisoner pens.
   They were produced for, and sold in the Prisoner Information Centre at Portmemrion between the mid 1980's to the late 1990's. Not valuable this modest collection, of which I have several of each, and one or so I use every day. Mind you the bottom pen in the picture had a poor quality of printing upon it, as the text "I am Not A Number I Am A Person" actually rubs off!
   I shouldn't think that there are too many of these pens about these days, unless of course other fans such as I have maintained them amongst their collection of Prisoner memorabilia.

Be seeing you

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