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Saturday 28 September 2013

Prismatic Reflection

    The Village is not a physical place, although to the eye it does appear to be so. In fact the citizens who live in the Village, can think of no other place. Because there is only the Village. Those who are born of the Village like 11-12 do not physically exist, they cannot leave the Village. There is a level of subconscious, but what if there were several layers of the subconscious, and what if we could go there? To dream, to make the perfect place, a place to take people, broken people to make them better and so to release them back into society. The people who are taken to the Village are chosen by Observers, Observers like Michael who work for Summakor. Of course the people have no knowledge of this, because while they are mentally taken to the Village, to be made better people, they are still living out their everyday lives in New York, but who have no knowledge of the Village, except for Curtis, Helen, and Lucy. Two never once asks Six why he resigned, Curtis leaves that to Lucy who was assigned to Michael.
   But there is far more to THEPRIS6
NER than this. It’s about surveillance, information, and there is the question of reality. How do we know were are here? Where is here? Are we living our own free lives, or are we living out someone’s, something’s dream? We know we are here because we are told, and if we are not told, then we have our senses to tell us. We trust our senses, believe what we touch, see, smell, and hear. And yet Michael believed his senses which told him that the Village, and everyone, together with everything was real, when it wasn‘t.
    The original Village had Observers to watch over the citizens. In the new Village, there are undercovers who watch out for “dreamers,” those people who seem different, who have memory of the “other place.” However it would seem that surveillance techniques have taken a backward step. In the original Village, cameras were everywhere, what’s more many of them we so small you could hardly see them. Yet in the new Village surveillance techniques have reverted back to “roach-cam” technology. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t include the necessity to have two Undercovers sitting on top of a veranda having inserted the “roach-cam” into the ceiling. Then having to sit and watch a monitor while the “roach-cam” filmed 1955 slitting his throat with a knife, in an act of suicide. Suicide being a desperate act on the part of 1955, brought about by his despair, because everyone in the Village is a prisoner!.

   The original Village is Italianate, it could be at any time. Located either on the coast of
Morocco, or south west of Portugal and Spain, surrounded on three sides by mountains. And yet the new Village is in the middle of a desert, with nothing but sand and mountains for mile upon mile, upon mile in every direction. And if that is the case, and if the old Village’s location is somewhere on the coast of Morocco, and the new Village in an African desert, as in Namibia for example, then that places both Villages on the same continent!
    In the Village, “dreamers” dream, or have memories of another place, outside of the Village. In the original series, No.6 having been told that everything he wants is in the Village, but for No.6 everything is elsewhere, in his world beyond the Village. No.2 tells No.6 that if he continues with his dream, then he will be taken for mad. But No.6 likes his dream, which begs the question, which is No.6’s dream, the Village or the other place? Because a long time ago it was suggested that the Village of the original series was created in the mind of the Prisoner known as No.6.
    The mind is capable of creating it’s own places, places filled with darkness, both in deed and thought. Places of torment and despair. You ask is there no places of light and joy? No say I, because you take your problems with you. What you are you take into the Village with you. In ‘Fall Out’ we witness the former No.6 and his alter ego the No.1, the bad side of his nature, his own worst enemy if you prefer. In ‘Checkmate’ we see 313, who is afraid of her other self, and yet it will be Sarah who dreams the Village as Michael looks to find a better way, to build a better Village, moral Village. So as it was with 6 and 1, so too would it be with Sarah and Michael. To create a better Village one has to be pure in heart, thought, and deed. Which of you reading this could claim to be that? We all have our problems, each and everyone of us, and no-one is perfect. Is anyone capable of making a better Village, a moral Village, to give freedom within the prison?

Be seeing you

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