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Thursday 26 September 2013

The Village Guardian - A Fatal Attraction!

    As the white membranic Village Guardian comes rolling and bounding along the road, it's blood curdling roar can be heard throughout the Village. And as one, pedestrians step to the side of the Street, and cyclists dismount and everyone stands stock still until the Village Guardian has passed by.
  So why is it that everyone in the immediate vicinity of the Village Guardian should stand perfectly still as this thing, whatever it is, passes by?
   Well one reason could be that like a shark, the Village Guardian is attracted by the movement of it's prey. Here everyone stands perfectly still until the Village Guardian has passed by. However you may recall that young man in 'Arrival,' how he ran round and round, whilst everyone else stood perfectly still. The Village Guardian detected motion of the young man running about and homed directly in on it's prey. To either suffocate into unconsciousness, or worse!
    What about No.14, why didn't the Guardian react to his movement as it passed by? I don't know, I cannot give any explanation about that. Unless of course the Village Guardian is capable of detecting fear. Because No.14 couldn't care less!

I'll be seeing you, but not if the Village Guardian sees me first!

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