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Friday 13 September 2013

Page 6

    No.6 "I know your voice!!"
    No2 "You've been here before"
    "In the vVllage"
   "What Village?"
    "Just the Village. Come and have breakfast, No.2 the Green Dome."
   {And so it begins all over again, and this time I'm determind to get the better of them. Because its been over 4 decades since I was first abducted to the Village.}
    "Excuse me, can someone order me a taxi. I've been invited to breakfast with No.2."
    Moments later a taxi pulled up outside the Old People’s Home, and it was with the aid of two walking sticks, that I made my way slowly to the waiting taxi.
   Perhaps this time around, they expect I won't be so much trouble. Because after all, all they want to know is why I resigned!


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