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Tuesday 17 September 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observations
    The name Jackie replaced that of Johnny in the nursery rhyme "See-saw Marjory Daw Jackie shall have a new master....." This is possibly because the producers didn't want the name Johnny seeming to being used in the same context as the name John Drake.
    Questions are a burden to others, because they don't know the answer and more often than not have to repeatedly ask the same questions over, and over again. Answers a prison for oneself, because what answers you give, or say, cannot be taken back. You've said what you said, people have heard you, and that's your prison, because you cannot take back what you've just said.
    In  Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, PR12 and ZM73 take a ride on a strange looking lift. It is actually a Paternosta lift which can be found in the GEC - Marconi building opposite the MGM/Elstree film studios at Borehamwood.
   The Mini-Moke was originally designed for the British Army as an all terrain vehicle. Only due to it's low and short wheel base, the Mini-Moke was particularly useless as an all terrain vehicle. So it does very well on the sand at Portmeirion.
    Many fans of the Prisoner see Pop, pop, pop said by No.6 during the deliberations in the embryo room of Once Upon A Time, are somehow connected to the POP at the end ot the Alternative Chime Of Big Ben.
   Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop protect.... substitute Pop for father and you have father protect. Well No.6 had been regressed back to his childhood.
    No.6 saw his job and the kind of work he did, as being above the law. No-one is above the law. So it seems Mr. Drake thought a great deal of himself!
   Fotheringay, is the name of Fortheringay castle, the birthplace of Richard the III, and the place of execution of Mary Queen of Scots.
    And seeing as we are on the matter of the coast, from his somewhat precarious position aboard Bell Ten helicopter, clinging to the frame, there is an aerial view of the cliffs and sandy beach below. This is not in fact the cliffs and beach at Beachy Head, but the cliffs and sandy beach of the Village-Portmeirion!
    I bet you've noticed this one; At the beginning of Checkmate as the citizens
    No.2 might worry later about the consequences, should this experiment go wrong. Yet because this particular failure was not completely down to No.2, he was given a second chance. Other No.2's on the other hand, were not so fortunate, as No.2 in Living In Harmony for example. "It's alright for you" No.2 tells No.8 "I have to answer for this failure." So what action was taken against this former No.2, and others of his ilk, we can only speculate about. One thing can be sure, he was not to have been sacrificed as in the one time, retiring No.2 of Its Your Funeral, who had been the most industrious of any No.2 before or since. So if No.1 was prepared to sacrifice a succesful No.2, what price for failure?

   It amazes me just how the ex-No.2 {played by Leo McKern} a secure and successful member of the establishment, can return to that establishment at the end of Fall Out just as though nothing had happened! But then again perhaps nothing had  hadn't happened....... yet!
  Anyway, I'm all recovered from the 17 hour marathon screening of the Prisoner with my pal Sandy. Plus watching all my Prisoner convention videos. I wonder whatever happened to that chap who played No.6 at so many conventions after 1994. He even looked like No.6, and during that 1994 election parade on the Sunday afternoon there must have been 200 people in that parade, members of Six of One and the general public {visitors to Portmeirion}. And many of them thought this chap, David his name was, was actually Patrick McGoohan! I was there, and I heard the general publics comments and remarks about him. It was quite remarkable really. Sadly today Prisoner conventions are not what they once were, and I don't think I'll be going to the 2009 Prisoner convention. I'm not so sure if being a member of Six of One is worth the subscription any more. What's more I don't get that much out of being a member any more.
   I know, why don't I resign?

Be seeing you

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