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Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Therapy Zone

I seem to mind your face!
   "Mind" is the Scottish way of saying bring to mind, in other words "remember" or recognise. So judging by the expression on the Colonels face, the Prisoner-No.6's mind seems to recognise the waiter at Janet's birthday party!
    The waiter is infect one of the two original undertakers who abducted No.6 to the Village in the first place. Now he's following No.6 from place to place, at Janet's birthday party. Then he's outside the World Camera photographic shop. Through London whilst driving his hearse to his home in Buckingham Place, and then follows No.6 on the ferry from Dover to Calais. Through France, Switzerland, and Austria to the village of Kandersfeld. No, the village administration want to make sure they don't lose track of it's subject, that they do not trust No.6 to return to the village of his own accord, with professor Seltzman in tow. That, instead of returning to the village, No.6 doesn't decide to do a runner, his mind in a body not perhaps to his liking - the Colonels.
   Mind you, No.6 had to be followed, if he wasn't, how would it have been possible for No.6 return to the village of his own volition with Professor Seltzman? The answer is - he couldn't - hence the undertaker.

Progress Report On Number 6
   Well seeing as how the manipulation of No.6's trial during Fall Out, that went pear shaped, it looks very much like we shall have to begin all over again. But at least this time we shall have learned by our mistakes.
   We shall introduce No.6 to the village, and then show that escape is not possible. And then we shall find out why No.6 resigned, the reason behind his resignation, and this time we shall make absolutely sure that Post 5 has the correct time by his watch!

    Preparing to leave, yes. But where was he intending to go? Somewhere abroad, as he was taking both his passport and other travel documents, such as a visa with him.
   Perhaps he was going somewhere warm and exotic, suggested by the pair of photographs he packed away in one of the pair of suitcases. Of sandy beaches and palm trees, suggesting a South Pacific Island.
   But one thing is for sure, the Prisoner knew that they would be coming for him, hence his haste to get away before they came for him. Yet even the Prisoner was not quick enough. Perhaps if he had paid more attention to that hearse which had been following him through London... the hearse which is now parked outside in Buckingham Place! But then who is expected to take notice of a hearse?
   Had the Prisoner managed to get away in time, it would only have been delaying things. They would have caught up with him sooner or later, no matter where he went, it would only have been a question of time. The Prisoner looking over his shoulder everyday, living on his nerves and by his wits. Having settled down in one place for a while, before having to move on again.
   And what could the Prisoner have done, because what money he did have would not have lasted too long. and then what would he have done, become a private detective perhaps, working out of some seedy office in a rundown building. Or working as a clerk maybe, for £8's a week! Life for the Prisoner, having resigned his job, and outside of the village, would have been hard for him.
   But it's all too late, for there he is now, the undertaker at the front door. He's entered the house now, walking along the hallway, and at the study door, to which a gas gun is put the keyhole, and nerve gas pumped into the study beyond the study door..... the rest you know.

Be seeing you

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