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Saturday 28 September 2013

Thought For The Day

       It has been documented in an interview with Patrick McGoohan as saying "The ancient bicycle represented progress. One has only to be in a traffic jam for hours on the highway with a few thousand other automobiles to know what that meant. In the traffic jam, in the immobile cars, one is a statistic, a number, futile, a prisoner - you'll get home quicker on the bicycle."
   Well Patrick McGoohan appears to have got it spot on, as more and more people are reverting back to the bicycle, as more and more cars appear on our roads. McGoohan was always a very keen cyclist, he would cycle everywhere, so I can understand his keenness on this matter. Not too sure about the Penny Farthing though, or the canopy for that matter. No today people ride all kinds of bicycles, and the canopy of the Penny Farthing, or that of the RWS 16 shopper bicycle, has been replaced by a cycle helmet! There's progress for you!

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