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Wednesday 24 August 2016

How Did He Do That?

    Just a few moments ago Number 2, you were in the Control Room speaking to Number 6 on the telephone, asking if he would like a chat. Number 6 told you that mountain can come to Mohammed. And there you were standing on the door step of ‘6 Private!’ How did you do that? The Control Room is located beneath
the Town Hall, and that’s more than a few moments walking distance to Number 6’s cottage. You could have been on the telephone from almost anywhere, in fact thinking how you as Number 2 are able to manipulate situations, including the fact that you have a somewhat devious and clever mind. You might well have been speaking on the telephone to Number 6 just around the corner, and filmed for the televisual link in a part mock up of the Control room, or at the very least standing there with a painted back-drop of the Control Room wall behind you!

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