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Friday 12 August 2016

It’s Number 1 Who Resigned!

    One point of view might be that Number 1 may well be the boss in The Village but is responsible to his masters who reside somewhere in the offices of British Intelligence in London. Then in consequence to that, The Village would be a “section” of British Intelligence with Number 1 being the head of that Section. Perhaps Number 1 was pricked by his conscience and decided to resign as head of Section Village. However his masters couldn’t allow Number 1 to roam free, not with the knowledge he had, so they had him put in The Village but as a prisoner. But then how are we to account for the fact that on his arrival in The Village the Prisoner didn’t know where he was, this former Number 1 head of Section Village? Perhaps Number 1 had never been to The Village before, not until he was put in it as prisoner.
   A terrible mind set, Number 1 resigns his job as head of Section Village, only to be put in it himself as a prisoner, Number 6, only to find out that he’s been Number 1 all the time, not only responsible for The Village, but for his own his own incarceration.

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