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Sunday 14 August 2016

Living In Harmony!

   Interesting said Number 8, that Number 6 could separate fact from fantasy so quickly. Number 2 told Number 8 that Number 6 was different, he knew it wouldn’t work. Fill him with hallucinatory drugs, put him in a dangerous environment, talk to him through microphones. It’s always worked Number 8 protested, and it would have worked if Number 2 hadn’t…..but it didn’t work did it? Give him love, take it away, isolate him, make him kill {where have I heard that before} then face him with death he’ll crack. Break him, even in his mind and the rest will be easy, but he didn’t crack, and it wasn’t easy! It would have worked, if Number 2 had kept his head and not created the crisis too soon, was Number 8’s response.
   So in short the experiment hasn’t worked, but according to Number 8 is has always worked, and that would suggest that Number 8 and Number 2, not this particular Number 2, have carried out this experiment before with other prisoners, although perhaps not this same given scenario. Perhaps one set in seventeenth century
France involving the King’s Musketeers might be one idea. How many times this experiment has been carried out on other prisoners is clearly impossible to say, but seeing as this technique always worked, would suggest that Number 8 had enjoyed a 100% success rate. Perhaps that is why he finds it difficult to accept this failure! And yet having said that, to have a previous 100% success rate using this technique used in ‘Living In Harmony,’ must surely bring into question the type of calibre of prisoner Number 8 was previously dealing with, mustn’t it?

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