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Saturday 6 August 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Who brought me here?”
    “I know how you must feel believe me, and they have taken quite a liberty?”
    “Who are they?”
                                     {The Prisoner and Number 2 – Arrival}

   Number 2 said he knows how the Prisoner must feel, how does he know that? Is Number 2 simply playing on the Prisoner’s sympathies, if he is he won’t get much sympathy from that quarter. On the other hand Number 2 might understand how the Prisoner must be feeling from firsthand experience. We know that at least one Number 2 had originally been abducted to The Village as a prisoner, so why not another?
   Why should Number 2 think that they have taken quite a liberty by having brought the Prisoner to The Village? Perhaps they have if it’s the Prisoner’s previous employers who are behind it. But then the Prisoner knows a good deal of sensitive and important information, and they are simply protecting that. But then on the other hand not if it was some foreign power determined to extract the important information inside the Prisoner’s head! And if it is the Prisoner’s former employers who have had him taken to The Village in order to protect the information the Prisoner knows, why then should they go to all the trouble in trying to extract it? After all, shouldn’t they know that information in the first place?

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