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Saturday 13 May 2017

A B & C - Bang!

    “A. Find missing link, when I have found it I shall refine it, retune it, and you will play our game. B. Put it together, and if I fail C BANG!” It’s a pity that in this there doesn’t seem to be any room for ‘If I succeed,’ it’s as though Number 2’s failure is expected, is inevitable. The episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ appears to have parallel lines as ‘A B And C,’ in effect Number 2 believes Number 6 was going to sell out. His job is to discover what he had to sell and to whom he was going to sell it. And having researched the Prisoner’s whole life, Number 2 discovers it boils down to three people, A B and C. It wasn’t A, and it wasn’t B, and when it came to C this marked Number 2’s eventual failure…..BANG!

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