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Wednesday 17 May 2017

Quote For The Day

    “You mean domestic science?”
    “You’ll learn about Jamming one of these days, it’s one of the most important ways of fighting back!” 
                                     {Number50 and Number 6 – It’s Your Funeral}

    One day Number 6 will learn all about Jamming. But isn’t it possible that he is the original jammer? After all look at all those false activities he carried out, and Number 2 fell for each one in turn. It was Number 6’s jamming activities which brought Number 2 to a nervous breakdown! In my opinion there were certain citizens who observed Number 6’s jamming activities and having taken his example, they began carrying out such nonexistent plots to confuse the Observers.
   But what should Number 50-Monique know of Jamming? It’s possible that although she no longer has a mother, Number 50 is a child born in The Village. Unless of course, the Watchmaker and his family were brought to The Village together, if so it might be that the Watchmaker came to The Village voluntarily. But then the latter does not automatically preclude the former!
    As for the Watchmaker, he’s not one for jamming, he’s a dangerous radical, an anarchist who will take the hard line in order to make his protest. He’s met no-one in The Village who has committed a crime, does that mean he has committed no crime either? And when it comes to crimes, people may not have committed a criminal act, but a moral one in the eyes of The Village administration, as in the case of Number 53 the electrical engineer who invented a defence system. His moral crime was to think that all nations should have it, as it would have ensured World peace. As for The Prisoner all he did was resign!

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