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Monday 15 May 2017

Thought For The Day

    Everyday life in The Village must be incredibly boring, I mean for anyone who is not otherwise employed. What do they do with prisoners who have given up all the information they have? Unless they can be turned and trusted to leave The Village, they have to remain as lifers.
    Number 6 for example, what does he do all day? Well he plots to escape, attempts to escape. Involves himself in the machinations of Number 2. He plays chess, enjoys the semi-weekly Kosho practice. Works out using his homemade gymnasium apparatus. Takes daily walks around The Village, daily climbs the
Bell tower. Sits to have his portrait painted, involves himself in Arts and Crafts, and spends time drinking coffee at the Cafe. Helps out and comes to the aid of other citizens on occasion, and when he’s not busy doing all that, he drinks coffee and eats a ham sandwich whilst pacing the floor of his study! That is of course when he’s not being put to various tests and ordeals by Number 2!
    But everyday life in The Village, everyone’s a prisoner, with only a few people who are actually allowed to leave, but even then that doesn’t stop them from being life members of the Village. After all there’s nothing stopping them from bringing you back, look at Number 2’s reaction in ‘Once Upon A time’ when he’s been brought back to The Village. He was downright angry, as well as being abusive to Number 1, well at least I think it was Number 1, its so difficult to say with any real certainty!
   But chiefly everyday life is having to deal with Number 6!

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