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Thursday 11 May 2017

Quote For The Day

    “I believe he was going to sell out. I want to know what he had to sell, and to whom he was going to sell it.”
                                     {Number 2 – A B and C}
    Number 2 said they had research and computed Number 6’s whole life, and apparently it boiled down the three people, ‘A B and C.’ Although ‘A’ might look like a dodgy second-hand car salesman, he did in fact make World news about two years earlier. I expect he defected, seeing as he and Number 6 were once on the same side doing the same job, but now on opposite sides. There seems to have been a lot of that about at the time, people going off and defecting, there was Chambers who became “late” of the Foreign Office, and not forgetting Cobb.
    ‘B’ even looked like a spy, even though she was made to look like a woman in distress. They like to know everything, but they didn’t know about ‘B’s’ son. I’ve never been quite sure which side ‘B’ was working for, despite her foreign accent. Even if she worked for the other side, Number 6 was still friendly towards her, he even allowed himself the luxury of getting close to her when they danced. He even knew about her son.
    As for ‘C,’ ‘C’ could have been anyone. There was no photograph of ‘C,’ and all they knew was that ‘C’ is known to be French and that ‘C’ attended
Engadine’s celebrated parties. And yet as it turned out Engadine could have been ‘C,’ but she wasn’t at all that important, she merely used her parties to bring certain people together. For espionage purposes, possibly blackmail would be applied, information, if not people, would be extracted forcibly, by kidnapping them if necessary. No Engadine wasn’t ‘C,’ ‘C’ turned out to be Number 2, which came as something of shock to him when he found that out, even though he turned out not to be French! You’d have thought he would have known that all the time, seeing as he’d had Number 6’s entire life researched and computed. But then no-one and nothing, including computers are infallible, as Number 2 would find at a later date. I wonder if the General was used for the computing of Number 6’s entire life, no wonder Number 2 got it so wrong if he did. After all Number 6 really was going on holiday, even that piece of information is documented in his file, and Number 2 would have known that, had he taken time to read it. They say that things are as easy as A B and C, well tell that to Number 2!

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