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Friday 5 May 2017

Shuffling The Mix!

    I was wondering the other day about the failures of Number 2, and how afterwards they were each removed from office and replaced. Except for one who was brought back at a later date, in order to deal with Number 6 his way seeing as before they were using the wrong approach. As well as a second who might well have enjoyed a longer term in office had ‘A B And C’ and ‘The General’ been screened consecutively. This led me to think what if the mix was shuffled, and different Number 2’s were put in place to deal with episodes other than that of their own. For example it would have been interesting if the new Number 2 of ‘Free For All’ had been kept in office for ‘The Schizoid Man,’ to see how she would have dealt with the situation of having two Number 6’s in The Village, instead of having brought in yet another Number 2. Although judging by how the two Number 2’s faired when they were given fresh circumstances, it might not matter how one shuffles the mix of episodes and Number 2’s. Because it seems that Number 6 was always meant to succeed, and Number 2 to fail, otherwise how was Number 6 to be given the opportunity of confronting Number 1?

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