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Monday 29 May 2017

Fake News!

   The security of the Community will be his primary aim, said No.6 in an exclusive interview.
    The forthright candidate for the post of No.2 is determined that the citizens be safeguarded against threats to their welfare.
    “I have every confidence in my chances,” No.6 told our reporter: “I admire No.2 as a man and I pay tribute to his achievements. But the time has come for a change.
    No.6 insisted that it would be a hard fight, “but a clean one.”
   We must put he well being of the Community above everything else, he declared.
    “I did not seek the opportunity to run for our highest office,” said No.6, “But I accepted the call when it came, because it is my duty as a citizen.”
    No.6 said that his platform would be “an opportunity for everyone and freedom for all.”
I shall fight for the rights of all of us, and I shall not shirk the decisions that have to be taken.”
    In a true democracy like our community, every individual has a special responsibility to express his mind by voting for the right candidate.
   No.6 said he believed in absolute frankness with the electorate.
   “Cards on the table is my motto,” he told our reporter. “Everyone has a choice in this matter, and I know they will vote for the candidate who gives it to them straight from the shoulder.
    “To have the vote is a great democratic asset which must not be abused,” No.6 reminded an enthusiastic election meeting. “You must feel free to make your cross in the right place.”
    No.6 said he entered the contests with enthusiasm for a system which gave the ordinary citizen the right to run for the highest office.
     Such is the article by our own reporter, not No.113, written and published at such a time long before Number 6 accepted the suggestion from Number 6 that he was just the sort of candidate The Village needs. Indeed when it comes to the actual interview with Number 6, Number 113 didn’t write one syllable down in his notebook!

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