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Sunday 7 May 2017

Thought For The Day

    In ‘Free For All’ they already know what Number 6 will do should he be elected as the new Number 2. They knew that he would not be able to resist Number 2’s suggestion that he should stand for election, after all he’s just the sort of candidate they need. What a gullible one! Such is Number 2’s manipulative ability, that he gives Number 6 a load of “soft soap,” flannel, and praise, and Number 6 falls for it. The election placards with Number 6’s face on them, along with “vote for No.6” prefabricated, the article in The Tally Ho already published, and that made Number 113 and 113b a joke! They were only there to help dress the picture. The whole thing was a set up from start to finish, an elaborate plan which achieved what in the end? Nothing as far as I can see, but perhaps that’s it, maybe ‘Free For All’ didn’t have an objective, it might well have been as simple as being a demonstration of Number 2’s manipulative powers, over not only Number 6, but the entire community. A demonstration of Number 6’s predictability, and the fact that appearances can be deceptive, perhaps that was it, an elaborate plan simply to teach Number 6 a lesson, or lessons!

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