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Thursday 25 May 2017

Village Life!

    “Haven’t you finished painting that wall yet?”
    “No sir.”
    “Well what have you been doing all morning?”
    “I’ve been busy.”
    No.53 “Not busy painting this wall obviously!”
    “Who’s your funny friend?”
    “How many tea breaks have you had this morning?”
    “Tea breaks, that’s a laugh. I’m working to my limit here you know!”
    “Doesn’t look like it.”
    “Twice now I’ve been asked if I painted this wall, and twice I’ve had to paint it again because it’s not been satisfactory.”
    “How difficult can it be to paint a wall?”
    “You tell me mate!”
    “Well you’re not painting the Sistine Chapel!”
    “You’d think it was, the amount of fuss that’s been made over it!”
    “Well don’t leave that ladder lying there, remember health and safety.”
    “Why don’t you go and get……”
    “……….. me a cup of tea, milk and two sugars and leave me to finish this wall!”
    “Well we’ll be seeing you Forty-two.”
    “Not if I see you first you won’t!”

Be seeing you

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